Who Installs Laminate Flooring in Midlothian, Mansfield & Waxahachie, TX?

Vaughn's Floors and More has more than 35 years of laminate experience

When you want laminate flooring installed, Vaughn's Floors and More takes time to prepare your space properly. We pull up the existing flooring, clean underneath and make sure the floor is level. We'll also put down an underlayment pad before laminate installation begins. It's an ideal surface for high-traffic areas. Call 469-658-5762 today for a free estimate on laminate flooring for your Midlothian, Mansfield or Waxahachie, TX home or office.

5 reasons to install laminate flooring

Made from composite wood that's pressed together at high temperatures, laminate flooring offers a more affordable alternative to hardwoods. Aside from the cost, laminate offers many advantages:

  1. It resists scratches
  2. It's easy to install
  3. It's easy to clean
  4. It won't absorb dust and dirt
  5. It won't fade or stain

While it's not suggested for bathrooms due to the presence of water, laminate flooring is perfect for hallways, bedrooms and living rooms. Save money in the long run by scheduling Vaughn's Floors and More to install new flooring in your Midlothian, Mansfield or Waxahachie, TX home today.